Thursday, February 26, 2009

Electric butterloo

I tried our electric butter churn for the first time today. It was nice and quiet, as opposed to my blender method previously. It took 35 minutes to churn. The instructions recommend using a buttermilk starter, which will make it churn faster. I'll try saving some of my buttermilk from this batch in the back of the fridge, and add it to the next batch to see if it helps.

Washing the big glass crock is kind of a pain. Good thing my husband offered to do it for me. Otherwise I am tentatively pleased with the new device. I have to adjust my straining process, however, since I'm doing a lot of cream in one jug instead of several smaller batches. I'll probably use folded cheesecloth instead of a jelly bag.

Think I'll make some homemade biscuits with supper tonight, and give the new butter a test drive. Speaking of which, gotta go put the roast in the oven. See ya!


Karen said...

I HAVE to visit your house more often...just reading your blog makes me hungry!! I'm sure I am adding weight to my waistline just by looking at the pictures!!

Jo said...

You could stand to add a little bit to your waistline, you evil thin person you. Come stay with us for a week and I'll make sure of it ... Just look at me!