Friday, February 20, 2009


A rare moment of fraternal cooperation. Normally when these two monkeys are interested in the same toy at the same time, an eruption of yelling and crying takes place. How can boys who are so affectionate and loving to their mother be so antagonistic to their brothers? My husband just laughs and says simply, 'boys.' Curse him and his Y chromosomes.

Benjamin hasn't quite learned to share yet. For that matter, neither has Graham. It's a hard lesson to learn. Sometimes I have problems. But for a few precious minutes this afternoon, our two littlest boys managed to play happily and quietly with one another. I had to take photos, just to record the event. Otherwise I might have looked back on this as a strange, beautiful dream. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating. A bit.

I keep reminding myself that although my boys may fight and argue with each other right now, they will grow to love one another as they grow up. That's how it was with my husband and his brother. That's how it was with me and my sister.

It better happen that way with my monkeys. Preferably sooner than later.


Karen said...

Exactly which sister were you talking about? And the sister you weren't referring you now like her too or no???

Jo said...

Kathy and I hated each other when we were young. HATED. But we fought verbally, never physically. She will admit it readily too.

My other sister ... she's okay, I guess ... Ha!

Love ya!!

Kathy said...

Haha, I read that blog and I'm like, "Hey, she said sister, not sisters. Does that mean she only likes one of us now??"

Glad to see you meant me, Jo. I understand, Karen is still pretty tough to take. Good thing you and I grew out of that stage, though.

Jo said...

Okay, maybe little girls would be as bad as little boys ...