Thursday, February 26, 2009

Movie night

I can't remember the last time I rented a movie from a store. I think it was about ten years ago, when we first moved to Ortonville. The last time I saw a movie in a theater was a year and a half ago, when my husband and I took a weekend off and went to Fargo (sounds exciting, doesn't it?). It was Juno, in case you were wondering.

So you can see I'm not much of a film buff. But when I saw these three videos available for sale on the internet, I jumped at the chance to buy them. In case you can't see the titles, they are from left to right: Chicken Butchering, Hog Butchering, and Fencing 101. They were made by Lighthouse Farm in Princeton, MN. I can't wait to watch them.

My husband said he'll watch the chicken one and the fencing one, but not the hog one. I think he's afraid we're going to add hogs to our farmsteading endeavors. At this point I have no plans for pigs, but I got the butchering video because if you ordered all three videos you got free shipping. And even though I have no plans to butcher my own hog at this time, I'd still like to see how it is done.

If there's anyone out there who lives nearby and wants to organize a movie night, let me know. I'm up for it. Nothing like eating popcorn and drinking cocoa while watching a chicken being eviscerated. Something tells me I might not get a lot of response from this proposition.

If you're crazy like me and want your own copies, go to this website:


Frustrated Farmer Rick said...

You know if we were closer I would totally take you up on that offer. I have been trying to convince the wife that a few hogs would be a good idea. So far no luck. I wouldn't mind seeing the chicken one either. I have butchered a few chickens but every time I get the feeling it could have gone better if I knew what I was doing.

Jo said...

I've butchered chickens too, but under the guidance of more experienced folk. I'd like to see if these folks do it differently. Just like there's more than one way to skin a cat, I'm sure there's more than one way to skin a chicken.

Okay, that cat visual was pretty unpleasant. Sorry.

Karen said...

OH MY GOD. I cannot believe you are actually asking if anyone is interested in watching a video about butchering hogs and chickens. I would absolutely love to live on a farm, but killing the inmates is definitely NOT on my to-do list. And with popcorn? Hello??? Not exactly along the lines of "Indiana Jones" or "Tootsie", huh?!!! Are we even related???

Jo said...

Yes, we are related! If you want to experience true life on a farm, you've got to experience it all!

Besides, I like knowing that the animals my family eats had a happy life, and were fed good things.

But maybe the popcorn comment was a tad much...

Kathy said...

You are actually eagerly anticipating watching these videos? I'm with Karen. You are the mailman's kid. The sick, twisted mailman.

Jo said...

I'll be sure to schedule our home butchering days when you come over to visit. That way you can see it up close and personal, not on a video tape.

I must be the mailman's kid. The smart, resourceful, independently thinking mailman who can feed his family good, healthy and sustainably grown food.

See you this summer!

Kathy said...

'See you this summer'? Did I just get un-invited for Easter??

Jo said...

I meant I'll see you at butchering time this summer.

I'll also see you at Easter, I hope! Hopefully we'll have some chicks by then.