Thursday, February 26, 2009


Otherwise known as the oPossum Protection Program. Step One: Capture an opossum (using the previously introduced handy device, the Possum Stick) that has snuck into the hen house. Step Two: Deposit said opossum in a fully enclosed container. Put on lid. Tightly.

Step Three: Put container in an unmarked vehicle, making sure no spies or media reporters are on hand to witness the relocation. We want to make sure this opossum is never harassed from urban gangsters or members of the mafia. Step Four: Drive five miles to a nice grove of trees on the prairie countryside. Abandoned farmhouses on site are optional.

Step Five: Carry the container to the trees, open and release. Watch happily as the opossum scampers quickly away into the trees, knowing that you've done your part to ensure the safety and protection of one of nature's oldest and strangest mammals.

Note that I don't have any pictures of the possum scampering away. That's because he really BOOKED into those trees and I didn't have time to aim and focus.

Of course, while we were busy catching and relocating this opossum, we saw another one walking around on top of our septic mound. Better stay out of our hen house, Mr. O., or else! The PPP is open for business!


Karen said...

I rolled on the floor laughing when I read this post!!! You described it perfectly,...or at least well enough to make me laugh out loud!! Just visualizing you guys busy relocating one opossum while his brother is slowly meandering into your coop is enough to make me pee my pants!!! Thanks for the fun!

Jo said...

You're very welcome! Thanks for leaving great comments! I love to read them.